Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Experiments!! Muhahaha

Well here we take you into my secret Laboratory, with bottles of mysterious substances and objects of unknown origins. This is where I conduct my eeevil experiments! Muhahaha

Haha, not really well.. it's just my living room, and a bottle of matte varnish and a wadded up primed tape ball.. It just sounds more intriguing when it's all secretive and evilish.. hehe ..

So! I've tested out my deco podge & tissue paper on my faux model and it works great and looks good. I also tested out, pre striping some black tissue paper to deco podge on jacks suit and it turned out great too!! Woot! no sitting cross eyed trying to delicately paint pin stripes! Also Experimented with dyeing the white paper with markers, to make the right colors for Sally's dress! I think it's all gonna work out splendid! No road bumps thus far!

(Sorry for the mess.. But thus is a glimpse into my workshop.. er living room.. just as long as it's all cleaned up by the time my husband gets home right?)

Also a glimpse into my next project, that I hope to finish and ship off next week. Primed and ready to go!

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