Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Experiments!! Muhahaha

Well here we take you into my secret Laboratory, with bottles of mysterious substances and objects of unknown origins. This is where I conduct my eeevil experiments! Muhahaha

Haha, not really well.. it's just my living room, and a bottle of matte varnish and a wadded up primed tape ball.. It just sounds more intriguing when it's all secretive and evilish.. hehe ..

So! I've tested out my deco podge & tissue paper on my faux model and it works great and looks good. I also tested out, pre striping some black tissue paper to deco podge on jacks suit and it turned out great too!! Woot! no sitting cross eyed trying to delicately paint pin stripes! Also Experimented with dyeing the white paper with markers, to make the right colors for Sally's dress! I think it's all gonna work out splendid! No road bumps thus far!

(Sorry for the mess.. But thus is a glimpse into my workshop.. er living room.. just as long as it's all cleaned up by the time my husband gets home right?)

Also a glimpse into my next project, that I hope to finish and ship off next week. Primed and ready to go!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Halloween Wedding

This is what I'm working on this week, A Jack and Sally wedding cake topper for a Halloween wedding for some friends of ours. As you can see I've got a bit done, but still quite a bit to go. I'm still up in the air on how I'm going to finish..

So far, I have made all the armatures, using, newspaper & a light wooden base (in the curly hill), wood, foil and tape in all.

I plan on using super sculpy to finish off the 2 figures of Jack and Sally, but I'm going to try to do it in great moderation. Jack is so thin that I think he's already thin enough in the arms and legs.. But his head and suit tails/details are a must. . Same with sally, I'm going to try to flesh her out mostly with the armature..

Then.. we'll see.. I've not used tape before in armatures, so I don't know how well it is to work with. I know I will have to spray it down with a primer regardless, and I have some heavy duty stuff already to work with.. Then I'm going to do a few tests pieces and see if it wouldn't be easier to do a modge podge with Tissue paper and varnish, instead of painting.. Not that I'm against painting it.. I just think it might add an interesting texture.. and also.. If I can pre-paint jacks pin-stripes before applying them then that would save me a ton of time and energy.

So lots of fun new things going on with this project, I love thinking outside of the box, and here's hoping it turns out great and my friends love it too!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Kewpie Madness

Recently The Impatient Blogger, Margot Potter issued a super awesome kewpie challenge !! It sounded like fun to me and a chance at something a little different, so I jumped at the chance!

I started off trying to plan out something a little different, looking for a real challenge even for myself, and came up with the idea of doing a 2 headed kewpie. So of course, I had to start with disembodying the little cuties before I could reasemble them into what would beccome Pip and Pauline, so with a very sharp exacto and a steady hand I set to work.

After that I diligently worked to piece them together using a tad of super sculpey, and then off they went on a voyage to the oven! (Don't worry they made it out okay! ) Then they got their personalities, with a hip new paint job , .. and some under clothes, cause I got tired of looking at them nakie hehe.. Next came the real fun!!

The whole task was to dress up your kewpie, so of course I couldn't just leave them in their undies!! It was kinda hard to design a dress to fit around 2 heads and 4 arms but somehow I managed it!

Along with all the little extras, such as a pretty bead bracelet, the mandatory pretty pink pigtails for Pip, and their very own custom made parasol!!

They took a bit longer to make than I thought they would, but I think they turned out great! It makes me want to make more cutesy little custom things! But maybe in a few months.. Right now I have knitting to do and Cans to paint :D Keep watch for more on these projects to come!

The End.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

BlueBird, bluebird sitting on my window..

Well I've been playing around with a new concept lately.. Plush and paint on canvas.. True you can't cuddle the stuffy wuff like you'd usually be able to, but it's still a pleasure to look at.

I've always thought of my plush things more as art than a play thing, and with this I can add even more to them than just buttons and embroidery, go beyond embellishments into uncharted territories!! lol I know it seems silly, but it's fun nevertheless, and I intend on having all sorts of fun playing around with my new found medium love!

So onto the actual art, this is a 6x12in canvas, with acrylic paint and some shiny gold acrylics too! The plush part is made of fleece, printed cottons, buttons (cause we all know I love buttons!) and embroidery. I need to take some better pictures I know, if anyone has any pointers feel free to share! I promise I don't bite!

Hopefully I should be able to create more art soon, There was a sale on canvas at my local store, so I got some larger pieces to work with! I have quite a few ideas lined up so hopefully they will come easily into fruition. :)

Well seems as if I've run out of time, must get back to the real world, no more pretty colors and pin pricks for me until maybe tonight :) And with this I must leave you all with a little music :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hello blogspot!

Well hello there world, donno what to make of this blogging stuff, but it gives me something to do I suppose.

I do have a livejournal ( www.anvikit.livejournal.com )account although I don't write much in it, just post when I have new pictures. I'd like to get more active with my art and go more in depth with it and felt that a new place, a new start might do me some good.

Expect plenty of art, possibly some of my own insights and thoughts just from day to day life I suppose.

Well I suppose I will leave this short and sweet for now, feel free to say hello.