Friday, September 26, 2008

Kewpie Madness

Recently The Impatient Blogger, Margot Potter issued a super awesome kewpie challenge !! It sounded like fun to me and a chance at something a little different, so I jumped at the chance!

I started off trying to plan out something a little different, looking for a real challenge even for myself, and came up with the idea of doing a 2 headed kewpie. So of course, I had to start with disembodying the little cuties before I could reasemble them into what would beccome Pip and Pauline, so with a very sharp exacto and a steady hand I set to work.

After that I diligently worked to piece them together using a tad of super sculpey, and then off they went on a voyage to the oven! (Don't worry they made it out okay! ) Then they got their personalities, with a hip new paint job , .. and some under clothes, cause I got tired of looking at them nakie hehe.. Next came the real fun!!

The whole task was to dress up your kewpie, so of course I couldn't just leave them in their undies!! It was kinda hard to design a dress to fit around 2 heads and 4 arms but somehow I managed it!

Along with all the little extras, such as a pretty bead bracelet, the mandatory pretty pink pigtails for Pip, and their very own custom made parasol!!

They took a bit longer to make than I thought they would, but I think they turned out great! It makes me want to make more cutesy little custom things! But maybe in a few months.. Right now I have knitting to do and Cans to paint :D Keep watch for more on these projects to come!

The End.