Saturday, August 23, 2008

BlueBird, bluebird sitting on my window..

Well I've been playing around with a new concept lately.. Plush and paint on canvas.. True you can't cuddle the stuffy wuff like you'd usually be able to, but it's still a pleasure to look at.

I've always thought of my plush things more as art than a play thing, and with this I can add even more to them than just buttons and embroidery, go beyond embellishments into uncharted territories!! lol I know it seems silly, but it's fun nevertheless, and I intend on having all sorts of fun playing around with my new found medium love!

So onto the actual art, this is a 6x12in canvas, with acrylic paint and some shiny gold acrylics too! The plush part is made of fleece, printed cottons, buttons (cause we all know I love buttons!) and embroidery. I need to take some better pictures I know, if anyone has any pointers feel free to share! I promise I don't bite!

Hopefully I should be able to create more art soon, There was a sale on canvas at my local store, so I got some larger pieces to work with! I have quite a few ideas lined up so hopefully they will come easily into fruition. :)

Well seems as if I've run out of time, must get back to the real world, no more pretty colors and pin pricks for me until maybe tonight :) And with this I must leave you all with a little music :)